Jewelry Making

Roland jewelry making devices combine everything you need to quickly produce a wide variety of wax models.

Imagine. Design. Create.

Revolutionary Roland jewellery making devices combine everything you need, including powerful, easy-to-use software, to quickly produce a wide variety of wax models from your designs for fine jewellery. Our low-cost photo impact printers quickly turn pendants and charms into personalized mementos of great value. 

Automated Wax Model Making

The Roland JWX-30 jewellery model making solution comes complete with powerful design software that allows you to create detailed 3D models that clients can review from every angle. From these files, the 4 axis desktop mill automatically produces intricate wax models of beautifully crafted rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks. JewelStudio allows you to digitize hand-sketches for follow simple step-by-step instructions to draw jewellery quickly and intuitively without hindering your creativity. GemStudio lets you select gems in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types from an extensive library and place them with a single click of the mouse. You can then modify jewellery to different sizes or alter designs effortlessly. 

Personalized Pendants and Bling

For an unbelievably low entry-price, you can add value to a wide range of jewellery and gifts, turning them into treasured mementos. Roland’s unique MPX Photo Impact Printers quickly and easily add text, photos, logos and other artwork to a wide variety of metal and acrylic items from souvenirs and plaques to charms and pendants.