Superb Quality, Value & Performance for Heavy-Duty Engraving

  • CNC engraving machines have a large cutting area and provide the servomotor speed and precision that professional engravers demand.
  • Offering a complete ADA compliant signage solution, the EGX has the versatility to create routered signs, decorated apparel, awards, corporate crests, promotional items, vehicle decorations, and other high-revenue items.
  • CNC Engraving Machines
  • Digital AC Servo brushless motors on all axes for unmatched precision
  • 30,000 rpm spindle for higher torque and less vibration
  • 2D and 3D Engraving
  • 2 MB data re-plot buffer
  • Sequence I/O control for networking
  • Engraving and apparel decoration software included
  • Optional ADA sign making kit
  • Workable table size of 407mm (W) x 305mm (D) & 610mm (W) x 407xx (D)


The Smartest, most Intuitive Rotary Engraver

  • Innovation in engraving technology, delivering impressive versatility and fast, user-friendly automated production.
  • Laser-pointing technology, ethernet connectivity, automatic depth regulation and other intelligent features
  • Ideal turnkey engraving solution for producing precise text and graphics onto a huge range of materials and objects.
  • Workable table space of 305mm x 230mm