Window Tinting

Take Your Tinting to the Next Level

Everywhere there’s a window, or painted surface needing protection, there’s a profit opportunity waiting. With a complete window tinting and paint protection film solution from Roland, the possibilities are endless. 

Window Tinting

For precision cutting of window tint, nothing beats a GX series cutter. Loaded with more than 2000 window film templates, FilmDesign Pro software provides powerful design tools and can be used with any brand of vehicle window tint film. 

Clear Paint Protection

Who wants to risk the paint job on their new car to chips from flying rocks and other debris, parking lot mishaps and with shopping carts and car doors? An optional upgrade package for Film Design Pro offers access to an easily vast database of urethane paint protection film patterns. The patterns can be re-used over and over without the per-cut fee associated with other programs on the market. Roland GX series cutters cut urethane paint protection films with ease. 

Multi-Colour Promotional Products

Ordinary glass tables, doors and promotional displays take on a beautiful, high-end look with multi-colour layers of tint. It’s easy to cut logos, type and custom designs with Roland GX series cutters.