Preparing Students for STEM-Related Careers

Across the nation, schools and universities are increasingly focused on providing the right Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education to prepare students for the 21st century. Roland products add dimension to STEM instruction by enabling students to apply their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math toward the design and production of real-world products.

Graphic Design, Apparel Decoration, Sign and Packaging Production

Due to their exceptional reliability and value, Roland CAMM-1 vinyl cutters have for many years been the tool of choice for sign shops, apparel decorators and educational institutions worldwide. Optical alignment allow printed graphics to be automatically aligned and accurately contour cut. Included CutStudio™ software gets students up and running fast without additional investments in graphic design packages. It also offers powerful features that let users enlarge, reduce, reposition, rotate and mirror images. 

With the VersaStudio BN-20 20” inkjet printer/cutter, we’ve taken everything that makes a Roland printer great and packed it into one powerful, profit-producing package.  

The BN-20 features award-winning mild solvent inks, your choice of media and metallic ink capabilities. This versatile desktop device can print and cut everything from apparel to labels, decals and posters. 

Available in 64-inch, 54-inch, or 30-inch models, the VersaCAMM VS series of printer/cutters achieve stunning results across a world of applications, including signs, banners, vehicle graphics and wraps, fine art posters, packaging prototypes, labels, decals, POP displays and apparel heat transfers. Available in CMYK, CMYK + Light Cyan (Lc) and Light Magenta (Lm), or CMYK + LcLm + White and Metallic inks.

3D Modeling, Manufacturing, Computer Aided Design

With the iModela hobby milling machine, students can easily and accurately create and embellish a wide range of projects by producing 3D shapes, reliefs, textures and patterns from modeling wax, foam, balsa wood and plastic materials. Compact, easy to use and inexpensive,  iModela is the perfect tool for small-scale, class creative projects. For the price of a single 3D printer, every student in your class can have an iModela at their desk. 

Capable of 3D scanning and milling, the MDX-15/20 is ideal for a variety of product design tasks, including reverse modeling, rapid prototyping, jewelry and model making, and small lot production. 

The Roland MDX-40A milling machine is easy to set up and use, yet exceptionally versatile. Functional prototypes and parts can be produced out of a wide variety of non-proprietary materials with exceptional precision and surface finish. Easy-to-use CAM and simulation software is included, allowing students to easily go from their 3D CAD software to 3D parts using industry standard .stl files. The ability to use G-code allows educators greater flexibility and ease of integration with industry standard CAM programs including Mastercam, EdgeCAM, SurfCAM and Gibbs CAM. 

Roland STEM Tutorials

Focused on the computer aided design and graphic arts fields, Roland STEM Education Solutions include complete, easy to navigate product tutorials written by teachers for teachers.  Choose from two TechSoft Education kits that together teach sign making, graphic design, packaging production, apparel decoration, CAD/CAM, manufacturing and 3D modeling concepts – all helping students master critical STEM principles including:  

Science: Physics and material science

Technology: Computer/software control of machines/motors

Engineering: 2D and 3D design and manufacturing, problem solving and design-loop process

Math: Geometry and algebra