Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Technologies & Manufacturing

Roland subtractive rapid prototyping machines provide snap-fit, functional parts and prototypes milled from a wide variety of materials with smooth surface finish, tight tolerances and a low cost of ownership. 

Wide choice of materials

Choose from a wide range of non-proprietary materials, including non-ferrous metals, acrylic, chemical wood and popular engineered plastics such as ABS, Delrin and nylon. 

Smoother surface finish

Compared to 3D printers, Roland’s rapid prototyping machines deliver smooth surface finish without post finishing, as well as tight tolerances up to +/- 0.001mm.

Quick turnaround

Why wait for a machine shop when you can make models in-house for a fraction of the cost? Produce form models faster than any 3D printer and easier than any other benchtop CNC mill on the market with Roland’s rapid prototyping technologies. Build time of 2.1 hours for 140mm by 45 mm by 7.5mm aluminium rocker arm

No programming required

With a Roland rapid prototyping machine and bundled software, the process of producing functional parts and prototypes couldn’t be easier. Simply export your CAD model as an .STL, .DXF, .3DM or .IGS/IGES file. Open the file in Roland SRP Player software and use the wizard to process your data. There is no worrying about feeds and speeds, cut depth, tool selection or G-Code programming. SRP Player does the work for you.